Storm PG200
Storm PG200

PG200, ST モデル from Storm.

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ericthegreat 11/25/2011

Storm PG200 : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Hard to find anywhere"

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The Storm PG 200 itself is strong sounding. In fact, it's too strong for me. That said, it sounded great, and it played even better. I really love these Storm guitars for whatever reason. This can be really hard to find, and I've only seen one for sale in my entire life (and that was at my store). If you're a Storm lover and find one, I recommend jumping on it They are all made in Korea but like I said you can find them online too easy. I have try eBay and Craig list looking for another one.


You will get a great sound on the easy to reach last frets with out a doubt.


The guitar sounded good with the Evolution pickups installed. They had this real nice bite going on, but the body wood helped cut down on that bite. That said, there were some overtones that I wasn't too crazy about, and I think that was due to the ebony fretboard. Just something to think about. The neck pickup was super clear and powerful, but I was able to achieve a nice, singing lead tone with it without too much of an issue. The pickups split nicely with the middle pickup. I had no problems getting that "in between" kind of sound to get that Hendrix-esque kind of tone.


The guitar itself was put together amazingly well. There were no issues when it comes to the binding. It was super clean, and it really stood out. The pick guard was odd, but it had some character to it, I guess. The fretwork on this was top notch. The edges were nice and beveled, and the frets were perfectly crowned. I was able to get some super sick low action on this without any issues at all. The neck joint was nice and tight, and bridge felt awesome. I suggest to start looking to find one of these. If you are lucky enough to get it, then don’t hesitate.