Storm ST350 - Black
Storm ST350 - Black

ST350 - Black, ST モデル from Storm belonging to the ST350 model.

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ericthegreat 11/25/2011

Storm ST350 - Black : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"great tone"

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I use this storm ( 350)in August of 2002 and my assessment is that the ST350 Storm is a good guitar to start studying, it delivers good sonorities especially in its saturated concentration, but a flat instrument making: rosewood handle is not super well finished frets and can quickly become damaged or maybe I am just too aggressive on it. The neck is good and has a very good comfort, The weight of this guitar is not that much, You can play for a while without getting a back ache. Certainly in terms this does not hold a candle to a Les Paul, but its clear the combination neck pickup and middle pickup gives great sonorities according to the different settings. Distortion can be in the rock to metal with no problem .


The neck is really smooth and fast, and very comfortable. I played a few very different genres of music through it, and I found a very good tone for every genre. The fact that you can split the coils on both pickups really helps, although, speaking of which, the coils aren't as chimney when split as what you can get with some other guitars, but that's just my opinion.


When you solo on it, you will think silently to yourself that you can fully understand why Jimmy Page played the Storm ST 350 now. I have been playing 30 years, and have owned numerous very nice Gibsons and Fenders (including the sweetest SG Standard ever made, which I still own). But the Storm ST 350 can compete with almost any guitar on the market and even outshine the ones in the same price range.


Give this one a try, its very affordable and comfortable for your wallet and around your neck when playing. You will love the sound you get with this and the top frets sound wonderful and they are easy to reach. I recommend this guitar to anyone who wants to play and is one a budget.