Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)
Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006)

DK2 Dinky (Before 2006), ST モデル from Jackson in the Pro series.

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Hatsubai 06/25/2011

Jackson DK2 Dinky (Before 2006) : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Pretty decent quality guitar"

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This guitar was made in Japan, and for the price that it went for, it wasn't a bad guitar at all. Here are the specs on it:

Alder body with flamed maple top (I believe this was a veneer)
Maple bolt-on neck with a bound rosewood fingerboard and 24 jumbo frets
Seymour Duncan STK-1 single-coils and JB TB4 humbucker
Jackson licensed floyd rose
Sharkfin inlays
One volume, one tone and a five way switch.


The guitar didn't have too many issues from what I saw. The absolute worst problem was the bridge. I'm not a fan of 99% of these Jackson bridges out there. There's one of them that's a Schaller clone, but aside from that one, most of them are trash. I recommend replacing it with an original floyd rose to get the most out of the guitar. Aside from that, the frets were pretty good. I could get low action without much of a problem. The neck joint was nice and tight. There wasn't a huge gap, and that's always good to see. The neck itself felt pretty nice; basically a standard Jackson MIJ neck.


The guitar sounded really good thanks to it having real Seymour Duncan pickups installed in it. The bridge gave it a nice bitey sound. This bridge pickup can really work for nearly any genre you can think of. From fusion to blues to death metal, this pickup really can do it all. Some people hate it because it can be picky depending on how that particular piece of wood sounds, but it's generally a pretty good sounding pickup. The neck singles were really cool. You can get that awesome single coil sound without a problem, and the in between positions were really nice. They worked excellent for clean tones.


If you're looking for a solid Jackson without spending tons of money, check out these guitars. I'd swap out the bridge for an original floyd rose, but aside from that, the guitar is very solid. You don't even need to change out the pickups with this one.