Jackson PS2 Dinky
Jackson PS2 Dinky

PS2 Dinky, ST モデル from Jackson in the Performer series.

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Hatsubai 07/18/2011

Jackson PS2 Dinky : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Budget Dinky"

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The Performer Series Jacksons are fairly low quality guitars, and they're more geared towards beginners than anything else. This guitar is the HSS version of it with the locking tremolo. The guitar has the following features:

Alder body
Maple bolt-on neck
Rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets
Licensed floyd rose bridge
HSS configuration
Dot inlays
One volume pot, one tone pot and a five way switch


The guitar has put together kinda sloppy. The first thing that jumped out at me was that the frets were sharp. Whenever I moved my hand up and down the neck, I noticed that they would feel a bit sharp. That's a big killer in terms of how a guitar plays. The frets themselves should have been leveled and crowned better, too. The bridge on this is an awful tone sucking licensed crap floyd. It's made out of pot metal and sustains like ass. I really dislike these bridges on this, but considering the cost, you can't really expect something like an OFR or the equivalent.


The pickups in this were pretty dull sounding. Nothing stood out in terms of overall tone because they were so bland. The bridge was muddy and undefined sounding once you start getting some gain going. On the clean channel, it just sounded really dull. The neck pickup was a bit bright, and I didn't like the sound I was getting under gain. I'm not exactly the number one guy to talk to about clean tones since I'm a metal player, but the neck clean tone was workable. I never used the middle pickup, so I can't comment on that aspect. It sounded decent in positions 2 and 4, however.


I don't recommend these cheaper guitars like this. You're better off buying something of much higher quality guitar if you can afford it. If you can't, save up your money until you can. For just a few hundred dollars more on the used market, you can pickup on a very solid Jackson that'll blow this one out of the water.