Jackson JS20 Dinky
Jackson JS20 Dinky

JS20 Dinky, ST モデル from Jackson belonging to the JS20 Dinky model.

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Hatsubai 08/15/2011

Jackson JS20 Dinky : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Beginner Jackson"

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This is a guitar for beginners, and it's priced accordingly. It's a very bare bones guitar, so it's not recommended for those who are experienced players. The guitar has the following specs:

Indian Cedro body
Maple bolt-on neck with rosewood fretboard
22 jumbo frets with dot inlays
Vintage style tremolo
HSS configuration
One volume, one tone
Five way switch


This guitar has quite a few flaws in it that I find in beginner guitars. The first thing I noticed is that the fret ends are pretty sharp. This is a real pain when moving up and down the neck. It'll require some work with a special triangle file to fix this. The frets themselves weren't totally level. They also weren't totally crowned, either. The neck itself was straight, which was good. The neck joint had a bit of a gap in it, and this could hinder tone. The guitar itself was pretty heavy, and I'm not a fan of heavy guitars at all because I feel they're mostly dead weight. The nut on this also had some binding issues.


The guitar really didn't sound good at all. The bridge on this is very muddy, and I think it's due to the bad tonewood. The wood on this thing is some bizarre cheapo wood that sounds awful. The neck and middle pickups were bland, too. Honestly, the guitar didn't sound good at all, and I wouldn't even recommend replacing the pickups because it would be a total waste of money.


I recommend not buying this guitar at all. It's a very poor quality guitar, and it sounds pretty awful. You're much better off buying a nicer used model instead of getting one of these. If you're dead set on these, at least play a ton of them until you get one that's decent sounding, but decent is about the best you'll get.