Ibanez RG570 [1989-1992]
Ibanez RG570 [1989-1992]

RG570 [1989-1992], ST モデル from Ibanez in the RG Standard series.

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nickname009 08/18/2011

Ibanez RG570 [1989-1992] : nickname009 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I can't quite remember where this was made, but it was most likely made in japan.

3 pickup config: hum/single/hum : V7 neck, V8 bridge and S1 single.

1 vol with 1 tone with a 5 way switch.

I believe mine had the original edge tremolo and wizard neck. Can't quite remember if it was the super wizard or the original.

24 frets, 25.5" scale on a rosewood board, maple neck with I think a mahogany strip in the middle or it might've been bubinga but I'm quite certain it was mahogany. Bolt on neck construction with the all access neck joint (AANJ)

Mine was the glittery-ish silver color.

basswood body.


The RG570 is great itself as a whole with all the specs given. Comfortable super-strat features and body contours as well as the AANJ (all access neck joint) makes this guitar hella playable!

I can easily reach all frets! the AANJ is famous for this and has been for quite some time.

It's really easy to get good tones depending on what gear you're using and what pickups. Most players usually swap the pickups out of the RG for some aftermarket stuff. I did the same.

The trem is also very stable. I did toy with it a little bit, but back when I owned this guitar I barely used the trem for extreme whammy tricks and what not. I definitely should've spent more time doing so!


Soundwise I remember the ibanez pickups being way too fizzy and unclear with distortion. Though I do remember the cleans being quite good. Not totally sterile but not super twangly either. It was definitely a usable tone, especially with the single coil pickup you're able to blend the pickups in and get a somewhat single coil quack. Although I used it mainly as a sort of gain reducer.

I eventually changed the pickups to EMGs, a few different models, at first 81 and 85, then 81 and 60 and then 85 and 60. I eventually disconnected the single coil pickup. Then I eventually just took it out and put a pickup cover to cover the hole.

At the time I was very very happy with the sounds after the EMG pickups. I was going for a modern metal sound and I loved the metallica tone at the time so EMGs suited the guitar and my style perfectly. The cleans were great with the EMG 60 and though the metallica guys use 81s in the bridge I liked the beefiness of the 85 in the bridge.

So of course this gets a low review because it's about aftermarket pickups as opposed to the original pickups.


The RG570 was my second guitar that I ever owned. I had it for about 3 years and it served me well. I did a lot to it in terms of modification, eventually stripped the body to its natural wood finish and it looked superb and sounded great after the EMGs. The tremolo served me well for what I was doing and the guitar was just great overall. Its built to last and built to be pimped up!!

I sort of wish I still had it just to see what it looks like now. It was a great guitar for intermediate or pro players I'd say. You have to like having a tremolo to get such a guitar! Don't just jump into it cause everybody else has one (eg paul gilbert, steve vai etc).