Ibanez JEM77 [1988-2004]
Ibanez JEM77 [1988-2004]

JEM77 [1988-2004], ST モデル from Ibanez.

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webstersays 08/19/2008

Ibanez JEM77 [1988-2004] : webstersays のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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This software installed without any problems. It was very simple to get it installed and registered. There isn't a huge sample library to load on to your computer since it is synth based, and it is all automatically loaded and streamlined. I didn't have any compatibility problems. The configuration is very simple to get it to run on your computer. The manual is fair - there really are a ton of controls on this software. The manual tries, but I have definitely scratched my head a few times about how to use some things in this program.


I have a Dell computer with an intel processor and 2 gigabytes of Ram on Windows. I use this program in cubase. It works as VST, so I had no problems with getting it to work in that configuration. Since it is not sampled, it hardly uses any memory which is great. It uses an average amount of CPU for a synthesizer like this, certainly nothing major. I have had it crash a few times, but whenever it did I was running more than one instance of it. Maybe that is a problem?


I have been using this for a few months. I like the great vintage moog sounds you can get from this software. I have used the real thing, and while it definitely doesn't truly compare to a real analog moog, it is by far the next best thing if you want a software alternative. There are a lot of great presets, and you wouldn't believe how much you can tweak the sounds. If you click the top panel it folds open to a huge amount of knobs and switches. It is actually kind of overwhelming, but after a learning curve it's a powerful tool. I also particularly love the glide control, you can make some really cool sounding melodies with that. I have tried other synths that try to accomplish what this does, and fall short of the mark, but this one is the closest thing I have heard. For a software moog you can't beat it, and the price is reasonable as well. I would definitely get it again.