Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Ash [2004-2010]
Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Ash [2004-2010]

American Deluxe Stratocaster Ash [2004-2010], ST モデル from Fender belonging to the American Deluxe Strat Ash model.

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iamqman 10/30/2011

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Ash [2004-2010] : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Deluxe and more"

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The Fender Stratocaster is an awesome guitar that has stood the test of time. These guitars are crafted and built to be absolute rock machines. They have a great home in a great feel overall. The instrument has an almost perfect balance and weight from top to bottom. It is a great guitar that works well in pretty much any musical situation you can put it in.

These guitars come with three single coil pick ups control knob into tone control knobs. You also get a five way pick up Selectric. For the feature wise it doesn't get really any more basic than this.


Fender American Deluxe Ash Stratocaster Features at a Glance:

* Color: Aged Cherry Burst
* Body: Ash
* Neck: Maple, modern "C" shape
* Fretboard: Maple, compound-radius
* Frets: 22, medium jumbo
* Scale length: 25.5"
* Nut width: 1.685"
* Hardware: Chrome
* Tuning keys: Fender Deluxe staggered locking tuners
* Bridge: Fender Deluxe 2-point synchronized tremolo with pop-in arm
* Pickups: 3 new N3 Noiseless pickups
* Pickup switching: 5-position blade and 2-position S-1
* Controls: Master volume (with S-1 switch), Tone 1, and Tone 2 no-load tone control
* Molded SKB case included
* Strap locks and cable included


I really love the tone of this guitar primarily because it has a great feel and a great voicing for most music. It is extremely versatile and can branch across genre to genre of musical styles. They have a great feel to them especially when you use the neck pick up. He did a really soulful, bluesy tone that nixes very well in many pop and rock music. These guitars just has that "It" factor about them. I think it may be one of the selling points and guitars is this perfect balance and alignment.


These guitar you can find in a used in classified sections of many forums online and in many retailers around the world. After not very hard to find if you have any kind of musical retailer in your town. You can find a new pretty easily as well and just depends on which color you prefer. At new you can find these guitars for right at around $1650. A little bit higher than some o the other models but these have a certain more balanced feel in my hands than the standard series.