Fender Strat Plus Deluxe [1989-1999]
Fender Strat Plus Deluxe [1989-1999]

Strat Plus Deluxe [1989-1999], ST モデル from Fender in the Stratocaster series.

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iamqman 11/23/2011

Fender Strat Plus Deluxe [1989-1999] : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Noisless pups"

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The Fender Stratocaster guitars are one of the best instruments that is ever been created. You have a great tone and great balance and overall a fantastic feel for any style of music. These are very versatile guitars from country all the way up to hard rock tones. They don't really excel at the nu- metal or a type of drop tuning type tones. However they sound fantastic and virtually any setting that you put them in.


The features on this guitar are a little bit upgraded because of the deluxe model. So for instance you have three single coil pickups. However the pick ups have been upgraded to the lace sensor noiseless pick ups. That basically eliminates your 60 cycle hum that you typically get with single coil pick ups. This allows the tone to really come through without any extra white noise. In addition to that you have a celluloid pick guard which really brightens and brings up the look and the cosmetics of this guitar. The rest of the features are pretty much the same of any Fender Stratocaster guitar. You have a volume control knob and two tone control knobs with a five way pickup selector. In addition you have a tremolo system installed in the bridge.


The tone of this guitar is fantastic. If you really like the Fender Stratocaster bluesy clean style tones. The pickups really highlight this guitar a lot more than your standard Fender Stratocaster pickups. By meaning they come off a little bit brighter and have a little bit smoother tone than the standard pick ups. You can put any single coil pickups you wishing in these guitars because they accept whatever single coil pick ups that you might prefer. But if you go to buy the deluxe guitar you probably going to spend the extra money particularly for these pickups so I would imagine if you go at the deluxe or not to be switching out the pickups. However the celluloid pick guard is a nice highlight to this instrument. This guitar sounds like any other Fender startocaster you have ever played or heard but just a little bit more tweaking with the pick ups.


Is guitar such a little bit more money than the standard US built American Fender Stratocaster. So your looking at spending a few extra hundred dollars comparatively to the standard version model. Overall this is a great instrument for recording or gigging and I highly recommend every guitar player to own a Fender Stratocaster at some point in their career.