Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster
Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster

Tom Delonge Stratocaster, ST モデル from Fender in the Artist Stratocaster series.

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moosers 06/21/2009

Fender Tom Delonge Stratocaster : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The Fender Artist Signature Series Tom Delonge Stratocaster is probably one of the worst guitars you can buy.  To me, this guitar is simply a hyped up guitar that is slightly better than a Squier that costs more than it should because of the name attached to it.  This guitar was made in Mexico but is no longer being made and you can now only get them used.  The guitar provides the absolute minimum in terms of tone control as it only has a single pick up and a single volume knob.


While this guitar is playable it by no means has a fluid neck or is a pleasure on the fingers all that much.  The shape is basically the same as a normal Strat while the weight of it is pretty light, probably because there are barely any electronics inside of it.  Getting the sound that this guitar can get isn't hard, but it is the only sound you can get with the guitar and isn't all that good to begin with.


The sound of this guitar is extremely one dimensional because of the minimal control you have over your tone and while the sound you can get is similar to the sound used by Delonge, its the only sound you can really get without other effects.  I really can't see how anyone who isn't a fan of Blink 182 and Tom Delonge could really like the sound of this guitar...


I first used this guitar about six years ago when it first came out and I must admit I haven't used it since because it just isn't my style.  For any purpose whether it be for recording or for live shows, I need to have a guitar that gives me options and control over my sound because if I don't have that, all of my tones will sound very similar!  This guitar to me is also overpriced and should be a few hundred USD less than it is because it really has no features.  Unless you are a die hard fan of Blink 182, I'm sure you know to stay away from this guitar, but in case you didn't know that, it is definitely a good idea!