ESP Michael Wilton - Black
ESP Michael Wilton - Black

Michael Wilton - Black, ST モデル from ESP in the Signature series.

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tjon901 09/30/2011

ESP Michael Wilton - Black : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Old School Superstrat"

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Michael Wilton is one of the guitar players for the old progressive band Queensrÿche. They were big in the 80s but not so much now. Wilton is an old school shredder and his signature guitar is equally old school. This guitar goes back to the original super strat template. You get an alder strat body with an HSS pickup configuration. The neck is maple with a maple fretboard. The fretboard has 22 jumbo frets. There is a locking nut up top for the Floyd Rose. The tuners are locking as well so this thing is like triple locking. The body is finished black with these funny glow in the dark skulls. I would imagine the glow would wear off pretty quickly in a live situation. The bridge pickup is a Duncan JB and the neck and middle pickup are just normal ESP single coils.


The guitar feels nice and soild. The neck bolt is angled for a bit more upper fret access. The frets are nice and big you can really dig in. The guitar is very light overall. Superstrats when done right play as good as any guitar out there.


This guitar has a very versatile sound thanks to the JB and the single coils. The JB is one of th ebest all around pickups out on the market. The Seymour Duncan JB can do just about any type of music in any type of guitar. You find these pickups in Jacksons to strats and everything in between. Whatever you play it can do it. It has a nice open sound with a good amount of compression and really brings out the tone of the guitar. The singles in the neck and middle add some twang to the mix. Mixed in with the JB you get some extra clarity on the thick humbucker sound.


This is a cool signature model with the skulls and stuff if you are a fan but otherwise there are other ESP guitars you can get that are pretty much the same without the special paint job. It is also a full labeled ESP so it is pretty expensive. A well setup LTD will play just as well as any full ESP so you can save a bit of money there if you choose too.