KH-2, ST モデル from ESP in the Kirk Hammett series.

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drkorey 08/18/2011

ESP KH-2 : drkorey のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Top of the Line Superstrat!!"

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The ESP KH-2 is made in Japan. The KH2 consists of a bolt-on maple neck; 25.5" scale; alder body; rosewood fingerboard; skull & bones inlays; EMG 81 active humbucking pickups; 2 volume & 1 tone control with 3-way slotted Switch; black hardware; Original Floyd Rose bridge; 24 XJ frets and has a black finish. Comes with nice hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity.


This guitar is an all around great guitar for players of any type. It has a cut away hell and it has excellent access to the upper frets. It's design is very ergonomic - it is light weight, has a thin and very comfortable neck with a 14 degree (flatter) radius. The neck, XJ frets and top note access make this a top of the line lead guitar players dream and I found it excellent for rhythm work as well.
With the two humbuckers and 3-way switch it is easy to get a lot of nice sounds, especially if you like the EMG 81 sound and tone.


I have used this guitar with custom built Peters amplifiers, which are kind of a cross between a Peavey 5150 and high gain Marshall/VHT with a little Boogie thrown in, an Egnater IE4 preamp, a Peavey 5150II, Marshall TSL and a Boogie DC-5. The amps were paired with a VHT Fatbottom 4x12 that had Eminence P50E's and a Marshall 1960 B cab with stock speakers a Splawn 4x12 with Governor/ManOWar speaker combo, a Earcandy Buzzbomb 2x12 w/ Scholz speakers and a Mojotone 3x12 w/ Celestion CL-80's.

I usually go for a nice thick Jerry Cantrell AIC tone, to use with my modern rock/metal band. This guitar can get you any heavy tone you want and good cleans. Suits my style of music perfectly.

I also use this guitar in a few cover bands that I've played in which includes songs from The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon to RHCP, Poison and System of a Down. It does well with all styles.

This guitar has very nice lead tones and nice tight rhythm tones that cut through well.


This is such a great guitar that I bought another one as a backup. I did end up selling them because I was introduced to stainless steel frets and switched over to playing guitars with them exclusively. If these guitars would have had stainless steel frets I would have kept them. As it was, this guitar ws my main one for many years.
I have owned many guitars and had a number of years where I would buy, try and flip, which enabled me to have many guitars around to try out.

Value for the price was a great deal, I was lucky and bought them before the prices really started to get high.! Knowing what I know now I would have made the same choice every time with this guitar. It was the one I held onto the longest before getting spoiled by ss frets.

The ESP KH-2 is ranked right up there with the best of them in overall satisfaction. This guitar has beat out Ibanez RG's, Charvel/Jackson's and Gibsons that have been in my collection.