Carvin DC400
Carvin DC400

DC400, ST モデル from Carvin.

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Hatsubai 06/23/2011

Carvin DC400 : Hatsubai のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Premium figured top"

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The Carvin DC400 is the top of the line model that Carvin offers. These are very affordable, made in the USA guitars that are semi-customizable to your tastes. The one I played had the following specs:

25'' scale length
Mahogany body with a quilted maple top
Maple neck with ebony fretboard
12'' radius
Tung-oil finish
HH configuration
Floyd Rose
Sperzel locking tuners
Push/pull active/passive setup with 3 mini toggle switches and a 3 way switch.


Carvin always does a wonderful job when it comes to building guitars, especially for the price. The fretwork on these models are great. The back of the neck feels awesome thanks to the tung oil finish. It's never sticky like so many other finishes out there. The 12'' radius makes is great for both chording and soloing, and the neck thickness seems to be just about perfect. The upper fret access is a breeze thanks to it being a neck-thru model. On top of that, it's extremely versatile thanks to its pickup configuration.


This guitar sounded pretty awesome, and it was ridiculously versatile. The active/passive switch in this made for all kinds of crazy sounds. Despite it only have two humbuckers, you could cover tons of ground with this thing. I play mostly metal, but I also dabble with fusion and blues. This guitar did it in spades. On top of that, it was very resonant. However, if you ever decide to replace the pickups, it can be a real pain thanks to the crazy switching configuration they have going on in this thing. Just keep that in mind if you ever decide to buy one.


This is one of my favorite Carvins I ever played. It was extremely resonant, had all kinds of cool options built in, the pickups seemed to work a lot better than in the other models (probably thanks to that active/passive thing they had going on), and it was quite the looker thanks to its crazy quilted maple top and transparent finish. These are a bit more expensive than the other Carvin guitars, but they're totally worth it.