Caparison TAT
Caparison TAT

TAT, ST モデル from Caparison in the TAT series.

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engage757 10/05/2011

Caparison TAT : engage757 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Through and Through is a must have!"

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Yet another classic gem from Caparison. Handmade Japanese quality. This one is a 1996 and has the coveted mid-boost. Hand Carved archtop, Mahogany body and maple neck through body. Three way toggle pickup selector. Schaller Floyd Rose and Gotoh Height Adjustable Pole tuners. 24 jumbo frets in a rosewood board with Clock inlays and a Caparison "Devil's Tail" Headstock. Caparison PH-f and PH-R pickups. As usual, Caparison quality is perfect.


Ease of play is astounding. This is essentially Caparison's take on the Jackson USA Custom Shop Soloist. It does that. VERY well. Absolute rock-solid guitar. All frets are easily accessed, carve of the body holds your arm/wrist in the perfect shred position. The neck is extremely fast. Tone controls are about as basic as it gets.


All my reviews are done through the same collection of Amplifiers:

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo
Soldano SLO
Fender Twin Reverb
Peavey XXX
Peavey Ultra 120
Rocktron Vendetta

Effects are typically not used. This guitar it the complete package for any style of music. Definitely geared towards the harder rock/metal crowd. When run through the orange channel on the Mesa, The TAT spits fire. I might replace the pickups soon however.


Precision built, the Soloist Jackson wishes they could still make. The TAT excels in it's genre of guitars. It is unique, well-designed, even better built and the newer models include coil tapping. The neck shape is comfy and exceptionally fast without being too thin. This is the classic Caparison. This guitar put them on the map and it continues to showcase their craftsmanship. I would not only buy it, but I would buy five. This is a lot of guitar for the price.