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songboy 07/07/2011

Yamaha FB-01 : songboy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Much better than I expected"

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This unit can be racked but will need a "rack tray" that can hold two 1/2 size units (this being one of the two). Actually, the only way to really do any editing with this guy is with Midiquest or some other midi editor. I have never tried using the buttons on the front for editing, but you might be able to by doing the "hold this button down and click that button" dance. This unit has the typical GM range of sounds (i.e. drums, keys, woodwinds, horns, etc....). I have never heard of any expansions for this unit as I can't see where they would go. This has Stereo 1/4"s out and Midi in/out.


With MidiquestXL the sound editing couldn't be easier unless it had dedicated knobs for each parameter on the front, which it doesn't. Again, using MidiQuest is essential with this device. I don't even want to think about trying to use it without a computer editor. With that said, the config is simple for me as I just change the patch and play. I have never read the manual honestly. Everything is accessible through the computer editor.


No, the sounds are not realistic (with the exception of a few horns actually, not great, but surprising for this time). But I didn't buy it for realistic sounds. This is one of those units that people pick up these days because of its "not realistic" sound. I pair this up with a MAudio Axiom keyboard and it plays quite nice, no latency or clunky notes. I actually only use hardware effects with this unit, I feel they warm up the sonic quality enough so it doesn't sound so brittle. I love just about every sound on this device, but that is because I wanted a synth that sounded like the late 80's early 90's and this thing really does. I did really like the horns though.


What I like most about this unit is it is a true FM synthesizer and will give you that Early 90's sound if that's what you are after. What I don't like is the inability (or at least the ease) of being able to easily edit sounds from the front of the unit. MidiQuest makes it all better though. I only paid $25 for this guy, so I can't complain at all. I think they sold for close to $1000 back in the day. The quality is spot on for that era in my opinion. I have used several Roland synths from the same Era, and I have to say this guy outperforms the D-5 and D-110 in terms of sound. For that price, I would buy ten of them and have some crazy "Sega Genesis" compositions playing in my house, hahaha. Definitely pick one up if you can.