Ibanez TBX150H
Ibanez TBX150H

TBX150H , Solid-State Guitar Amp Head from Ibanez in the Tone Blaster X series.

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iamqman 07/27/2011

Ibanez TBX150H : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"cheap little head"

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Ibanez is a great company that makes very useful products that not only cover guitar amplifiers, but also pedals as well as guitars. Many players from all around the world has player or has used an Ibanez guitar at one point or another. I can also bet that everyone in the world whether or not they have known it has heard an Ibanez tube screamer. This pedal has been featured on countless albums and touring stages for decades now. So if you tunr on your car radio during the day the chances are you will within about 5 minutes hear an Ibanez tube screamer. They make cheap usable products for the budgeting musician.


150W at 4 ohms
Two discreet channels
2 separate 3-band active EQs with parametric midrange on channel 2
Normal Channel w/Switchable Overdrive
Hot Channel w/Switchable Boost
Gain and Volume Controls Each Channel
Reverb and Resonance
Channel, Reverb, Overdrive and Boost Footswitch Jacks
Accessory Compartment
LED Indicators for Channel, Reverb, Overdrive, and Boost
Effect Loop


This is a solid state amp that has no tubes inside. The tone of this is going to sound squashed and processed but some people like the sound of that. You will hear some very extreme gain tones and a decent crunch tones. Most f the amp is built around the extreme gain side of guitar distortion. The distortion has a thick meaty voicing but not really my style. You can get the thing to squash and compress very easily but that doesn't always work in a band setting.

The amp is a two channel amp that sits on 150 watts of power. That is a tone of power for a solid state amp. The tone is not going to be a pushed tone and tube punchy but rather just a tone of preamp distortion. This is not going to have that airy rock power tube breakup but just an overly process preamp loads of gain thing. Again, some people like the sound of that and some do not.


At new these amps come in right at around $250, which is a great price for an amp of any kind. That is just about double what the price of their pedals come in around. So the price of this is an easy buy for most people. Not my kind of sound as I like a good tube punch in the face and using the power section with the preamp section for some good clean gain.