Randall RG 100 SC G2
Randall RG 100 SC G2

RG 100 SC G2, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Randall in the RG100 series.

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rains_en 02/06/2009

Randall RG 100 SC G2 : rains_en のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The amp is solidstate, 100 watts delivered by two celestion silverface 70-80s. On the control panel, you will find an input for guitar and another for headphones and 3 seperate channel controls: Clean, Gain, and stereo chorus. There are also master volume and reverb controls. The clean channel has your standard bass, mid, and treble controls and an independent volume control. The gain channel has two gain options: clean and dirty. Both of which you can control the saturation independently. The gain channel has it's own bass, mid, and treble controls as well that affect both gains. The stereo chorus is not the selling point of this amp, but you can adjust the speed and presence on that channel. The amp comes with a footswitch as well, but it can only be used to toggle the gain channels OR the stereo chorus, not both at the same time. The reverse of the panel provides 4 and 8 ohm outs, a line out, an efx send and inputs for foot switches.


The amp is pretty straight forward and user-friendly. The celestions are great for leads. It isnt too tough to achieve a good sound from it, as most combos are pretty simple, and the 2 gain options are pretty convenient.


The gain is good for any sort of rock. I use the clean gain for bluesy rock and the dirty gain for a more powerful progression. The amp itself does not have any buzz or noise. The gain channels are pretty clear and I havent gotten any interference. I primarily use a fender Cyclone II and it handles leads well thanks to the celestions. The stereo chorus is the only weakness of the amp, really.


I've had the amp for four years and I've gigged small shows with it. I do not look to get another amp, it's more convenient than a half stack, and Im comfortable using pedals and effects processors. I tried similar 100 watt combos before I got it, and it seemed to have the most clear sound and the best effects for the price. I paid about 450 for it and Im glad I didnt end up settling for anything else. It is worth every penny I paid. I would definitely buy other randall products based on the performance of this one.