Marshall MG10CD
Marshall MG10CD

MG10CD, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG 2nd Gen series.

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Audiofanzine FR 01/03/2011

Marshall MG10CD : Audiofanzine FR のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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Originally written by Clepto87 on Audiofanzine FR.

10-watt solid-state amp
One guitar input, one CD input
One output with speaker simulation, one headphones output
Easy setting:
Clean channel volume control
Overdrive channel volume and gain controls
Common tone control
Ideal to play at home with headphones at night and with the small 6.5" speaker during the day. I bought it for exactly these applications.


Considering the limited control possibilities, you can easily get a good sound: I just set the volume and tone depending on the sound I want to get. I just miss the possibility to select the channels with a footswitch.


The the amp's biggest drawback:
I play a Gibson Les Paul GT with splittable pickups. It's a pretty versatile guitar and it sounds very good with my Fender amp.
The limited setting possibilities of the clean channel force me to use the tone pots of the guitar. Nonetheless, the sound is good, also at low output levels.
On the other hand, the overdrive channel produces an awfully muddy sound and is no use at all. Thus the lack of channel selector is not a problem. I've used the overdrive channel three times or so in two years; I gave up.
Luckily, the amp works quite good with stomp boxes.
Last remark: the headphones sound quite different than the amp. It's a bit annoying because you must readjust the EQ every time you connect the headphones...


I've been using it about one hour par day for 18 months.
Not expensive on the secondhand market
Convenient headphones output
Small speaker = discrete low frequencies = happy neighbors
Expensive if new
The headphones output requires the readjusting of the amp's settings
Useless overdrive channel

Based on my experience, I would buy a tube amp again (for example a Blackstar HT 5).
Good value for money if you buy it secondhand with an overdrive pedal.