Marshall G80RCD
Marshall G80RCD

G80RCD, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Marshall in the MG series.

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iamqman 07/13/2011

Marshall G80RCD : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Too loud"

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This is Marshall attempt at the introductory amps for the beginner or low budget guitar players. Along with the reverb in the the amp it has several other effects such as Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay. For the quiet player it has a headphone input so if you desire to play at home quietly or in your office this is a great feature.

This is the same amp as the other wattage in this series. This you get a little bit more air through with the extra wattage. This is 80 watts and will shake walls down with solid state tone.

This amp is similar to the FX version of this series with a few more options. First you have the foot switch and input right next to one another on the front panel. Next, you have a instrument input on the front for the headphone jack, line out and CD input. You can hook your favorite CD player into the amp and use the CD player's volume to get the desired volume out of the amp.


Twin switchable channels
Clean Channel with its own Treble and Bass controls
Overdrive Channel with Gain, Bass, Contour, Treble, and Volume controls
Built-in Reverb
Line out
Headphone input
CD input

The Contour control basically shifts the mid-range frequencies in your guitar tone. By turning the Contour fully clockwise you will scoop out of your sound most of the middle frequencies. If you combine this setting with heavy distortion and high Treble and Bass settings you can get a killer thrash tone, perfect for brutal rhythms and nasty leads. By turning this control fully anti-clockwise you can get some great fusion type


The tone from this amp isn't that bad for being a solid state amp. It has 2 channels with two modes for each channel and all are very usable in the basic functions. This is an all in one amp for a beginner guitar player. Any one who has spent any time with a tube amp will not go for this other than to have as a practice unit for silence or office use. The crunch channel will get you a great classic rock tone. Trying using a Gibson Les Paul or SG and dial down the gain for some good Led Zeppelin tone or Ac/Dc crunch.

The over drive channel is excellent for modern rock and will sound good with any guitar used with humbucker pickup. I suggest dialing in your contour control knob to find the best synch with what ever guitar that you are planning to use with the amp.


If you are looking for a good amp that you don't have to worry about and just need for practicing or silent playing and you need that Marshall tone then this is a good amp for those purposes. This isn't going to go on stage anywhere or be good for recording, but if you need simplicity in a practice amp then this is a great amp for that. It has a good enough tone for getting your chops down or feeling out the neck of the guitar. I would recommend this to any Marshall fan looking for a solid practice amp.

These amps have been long discontinued so the used market is the only way to go at this point. They newer models so this one is obsolete.