Ampeg VH140C 2x12
Ampeg VH140C 2x12

VH140C 2x12, Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp from Ampeg.

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nickname009 05/30/2011

Ampeg VH140C 2x12 : nickname009 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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2 channels:

Channel A: gain low,ultra mid, high and level.
Channel B: Gain, low, mid, high and level.

On board Reverb : Rev A and Rev B.

On board Chorus: Depth A, Depth B, and universal Rate.

Effects loop.

70 Watts per side totalling to 140 watts! 2x12 stereo setup! Real stereo chorus!!! Solidstate!


Very easy to use! Channel A is actually the lead/distortion channel while channel B is the clean channel. As this amp is infamous for its distortion more than it's clean, even though it's clean is nice.

Everything is quite easy to use, just turn the knobs till it sounds good!


Distortion sounds are very very unique. It's very tight and very thick, but can be very thrashy for metal if perferred. The Vh140 is known to have one of the best distortion sounds for very heavy metal and death metal etc. Very tight distortion. But it can sound very thick if you want too. The ultra-mid knob is just that, it's very sensitive and can cut a LOT of mids or add a LOT of mids. This is one of those amps that you can crank the gain and the distortion will not mush out, rather it would stay super tight and just add more harmonically rich distortion!

The chorus is also really cool, you can add it to the distortion to get some crazy thick zakk wylde like heavy gain tones or you can use it on the clean and get a nice lucious clean.

The reverb is also decent. I'm not a huge reverb user but on clean it can sound good at times for certain purposes.

The cleans are also not bad. plenty of headroom, no break up unless you want some, just crank the gain and you can get a sort of acdc/light rock tone, generally a bit bright.


One of the best amps for tight metal! Thick and sizzly and tight at the same time!
Can range from clean to Pantera-esque metal to black/death metal! Great for the super chugga chugga riffs! Also very very loud!

I've owned both the head and combo and figured that the combo would be a more compact version of it, but it's actually damn heavy so my plan backfired!