Waves Q10 Equalizer
Waves Q10 Equalizer

Q10 Equalizer, Software parametric EQ from Waves.

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moosers 12/20/2009

Waves Q10 Equalizer : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I wasn't involved with the installation process of the Waves Ltd. Q10 as it was already installed on the system that I have used it on.  I can say that I don't know of any problems in terms of installation or compatibility if there are any to be had.  The interface of the software is definitely user friendly as anyone who understand the basic parameters and ideas associated with EQ will be able to figure out this plug-in rather easily.  Each of the ten bands of EQ has the standard parameters of gain, frequency, and Q (bandwidth).  There are also stereo input and output gain sliders to control the levels going in and out of the plug-in.  I've never had access to a manual and don't think that one is necessary to seek out as everything is easy enough to understand without it.


The system that I have run the Waves Ltd. Q10 plug-in on is a Pro Tools HD system.  The HD system runs with a Digidesign 192 I/O and an HD 2 Acel card.  The computer that runs with the system is an Apple G5, and within this configuration I'm able to run the plug-in without any issues whatsoever.  Granted that it is an HD system, I would be able to run one of these on every track in a single session if I wanted to without issues.  However, this of course wouldn't be the case in an LE system or something comparable, and I can't comment on how well it would run within this type of configuration... 


While Waves Ltd. Q10 isn't one of the newest plug-ins that Waves has to offer, it is still a very powerful piece of software.  Having ten bands of EQ is a huge advantage as it allows you to really zone in on the tone that you are after.  While this isn't the cleanest sounding EQ when compared to some of the newer models that they have to offer, it still has a very good sound that offers up a whole lot of precision.  The price isn't too expensive and is perfect for home studio owners looking for a reasonably priced EQ plug-in that offers up a lot of flexibility.  While you may not need all ten bands all the time, it is definitely nice to know that you could use them all if you wanted to!