Waves Q10 Equalizer
Waves Q10 Equalizer

Q10 Equalizer, Software parametric EQ from Waves.

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ericthegreat 12/12/2011

Waves Q10 Equalizer : ericthegreat のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"quick and easy to install "

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Installing Waves q10 was quick and easy. I had no compatibility errors and it has been running smoothly since I installed it. The interface is extremely easy to follow and there is really nothing complicated about this plug-in. I don't have a manual so I can't speak to how useful it is or not.


I run the Waves q10 on my Mac Book Pro with a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM. I use it in Pro Tools LE 7.4 with a Digi 002R audio interface. It has always run flawlessly on this set up and I am able to run a few of these at once. It is a simple plug-in which doesn't take up too much of your processing power and is a great sounding EQ as well.


I've had this plug-in for two years and it has become a great tool in my arsenal as far as equalization goes. The ease of the interface makes it easy to do what I want it to do. The sound quality is good and it is definitely a good option when looking to use an EQ plug-in. I have used it on everything from vocals to drums. It also sounds good on electric guitars. In terms of drums, I like it on all types - kick drum, snare drum and tom toms, as it is easy to manipulate and get the sound I am looking for. While I use it mostly for these applications, this is a good overall EQ and can be used on just about anything you'd like. It is comparable to the Digidesign EQ III plug-in that comes free with Pro Tools, but it a little better sounding to my ears. While it isn't free, it is sold at a cheap price and is worth it to me to have another option like this in my DAW - this is definitely worth a look.