Waves Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion
Waves Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion

Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion, Software channel strip from Waves in the Jack Joseph Puig series.

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moosers 12/28/2010

Waves Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion plug-in is one of six in JJP's Signature Series bundle of plugs. This is really the only plug-in of it's kind that I'm aware of, and is one that I find very useful for all sorts of applications. You'll install the plug-in along with the rest in the bundle which should be as easy as installing any sort of software. The interface of the plug-in is fairly simple to use and matches to same sort of look and make up as the other JJP plug-ins. As far as parameters are concerned, it's got sliders for main, ambiance, attitude, punch, tone, and master level. It's got a bunch of modes for hi hat, overheads, rooms, tambourine, shaker, and loops, as well as further parameters in the form of knobs for sensitivity of the effects, lows and highs, panning, and compression. As you can tell just from a look at the plug-in, it's flexible and there's a lot you can use it for in terms of different applications in the world of percussion and cymbals. It really goes beyond this as well when you use it for overhead and room mics as well. I don't have any idea how well the manual is put together...


I'm running the Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion plug-in and the rest of the JJP Signature Series bundle on my system at home in Pro Tools 9. I do a lot of going back and forth between my home studio and the professional studio I work at, which also has this plug-in. Mostly I use it at home, which consists of a Mac Book Pro with 4 GB of RAM and a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, as well as a Digi 002R audio interface to run Pro Tools. I've never had a need to run more than two instances of the plug-in at once, but for this purpose it has run just fine for me on both systems.


The Waves Ltd. Jack Joseph Puig Cymbals & Percussion plug-in is a great one to have around, as is the case with all of the JJP plug-ins. I like this one a lot because it's a unique take on processing for this application and works great as an all in one chain. I love using it on tambourine, shaker, and even on rooms and overheads for giving these sounds a little extra kick. You'll get all sorts of different sounds and colors with this in and easy to use interface, as is the case with all of the JJP plug-ins. This one is a huge plus as you don't get anything like this that I'm aware of in any of the Signature Series plug-in bundles. The Jack Joseph Puig bundle isn't my favorite of the few they have, but it's still great and this plug-in in particular is really useful to have.