Waves CLA Bass
Waves CLA Bass

CLA Bass, Software channel strip from Waves in the CLA series.

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tarrtime 12/13/2012

Waves CLA Bass : tarrtime のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Simple Modern Rock Bass Sound"

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The Waves CLA Bass plug-in is an effects processor to be used inside a DAW. It can be downloaded and installed directly from the Waves website. Authorization is completed with any USB stick as a dongle, or with the Waves authorization software application if your computer connects to the internet.
All of the CLA signature series plug-ins are simple to use, and easy to get started with. As soon as you insert on your track you will hear a difference, hoping a good difference.
There are just a few controls. Sliders increase or decrease whatever effect you are adjusting. Buttons pick between different types of effects. For instance, you can pick between different low-frequency eq options. Essentially this will allow you to boost or cut a particular range of low-frequencies. The same goes for the 'distortion'. You can pick between 3 different types, then change the amount.


In use, this plug-in makes your bass sound rock and roll. It is useful for both bass DI or on the recording of a mic'ed up bass amp. I find that it is easy to get carried away with the effects like 'sub' and 'distortion'. In reality, I usually find that a little goes a long way in the mix, extreme settings can be a bit too much.
I am not someone that usually uses modulation/pitch effects on bass. I usually don't use this effect in the plug-in, but it is nice to know its there on the rare occasion. This is another effect that I think if you are going to use it, you probably only need to mix in a very small amount to be appropriate.
The most useful part of the plug-in is the compressor. Bass is definitely an instrument where a consistent level is key. All three compressors options are great. Getting the attack/release/ratio/threshold settings on a normal compressor set up properly for bass is difficult. I love being able to open this plug-in and slide the fader to get my bass level right.


The CLA Bass plug-in is best suited for modern rock bass. It is high specialized at achieving this sound, but also really simple to use. If you are looking a the various Signature Series options from Waves, there are other options that will be better for a large range of musical styles. This plug-in is best if you want your bass sound to be over-the-top, in-your-face, over-driven, and heavy. I don't always mix modern rock, but I like having the CLA plug-ins so that when a band comes in that needs that modern/polished rock sound, I just call up these plug-ins and it is instant gratification.