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moosers 06/23/2009

RODE M2 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

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The Rode M2 is a hand held condenser microphone that has a hyper cardioid pick up pattern.  The mic is designed for use in broadcasting as well as for MCs and for live shows.  It has an on/off switch and has the standard XLR jack on it.  It also comes with the microphone clip that is shown in the picture above.


I've only used the Rode M2 a number of times for live shows, but I've been quite happy with it when I have used it.  It has a pretty good sound from a hand held microphone and it is nice that it is a condenser because it picks up way more detail than a dynamic microphone would.  I've never used this microphone for recording, but I wouldn't really suggest it for this use anyway as it isn't designed for that sort of use.  That being said, it will certainly work in the recording studio and definitely won't sound bad if you decide to use it for this, but there are other microphones in this price range made by Rode that will do a much better job in the studio because that it what they are designed for.  The mic has a pretty sturdy make up and should last a while if you treat it properly, which is a big feature when it comes to live microphones.  The price of the Rode M2 is pretty reasonable even if it is a bit more expensive than most hand held mics, which is only because it is a condenser rather than a dynamic mic.  If you are looking for a nice hand held condenser microphone that sounds great for live shows, the Rode M2 seems to be as good as any choice.  However, if you want a nice condenser microphone for the recording studio, I would stay away from this mic and look elsewhere at a mic like the Rode NT1A that is a similar price but will sound much better in the studio.  All in all, the Rode M2 is a great sounding microphone for use on the stage!