Audio-Technica AT4041
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AudioArtist 09/12/2012

Audio-Technica AT4041 : AudioArtist のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Good Overhead Mic that can double as an instrument Mic as well!"

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The Audio Technica AT4041 is a small electret condenser, what is commonly called a "pencil condenser". I've used this mic in nearly every situation that I could throw at it. It will perform just as well live as it will in the studio. Audio Technica may sometimes be overlooked by some engineers with deep pockets but believe me when I tell you that their products are quite a bit better than they often get credit for.
The mic also comes with a carrying case, a windscreen, and it's own mic clip.


The main thing to like about the AT-4041 is it's versatility. Many engineers prefer, so called, "pencil condensers" only in overhead applications. The AT-4041 does a brilliant job on just about anything. Drum overheads, acc. gtr, elec. gtr, strings, harmonica, accordion, piano, and even vocals! Close Mic-ed or at a distance. Go figure!
I got my pair many years ago, (about 12), for about $550(us). At the time it was the most expensive and most pro condenser that I owned. To this day the AT-4041 is a standby in my arsenal.
I use this mic constantly for overhead applications, whether that be drums, flute, percussion, kora, and whatever else. However, when a certain instrument needs that close mic-ed, yet crispy, sound the AT-4041 can really impress. It is surprisingly warm and yet not "tinny" for an electret condenser. You can get really bright and present guitar, banjo, sitar, strings, and much more to come across very well in a mix with the AT-4041.
What may perhaps be the most surprising aspect of the AT-4041 is how it deals with vocals. Electret condensers are not known for being good or, let's face it, even appropriate for vocals. With the included windscreen and a well trained, mic control talented, singer you can actually get some fairly warm and highly workable vocal tracks out of the AT-4041. I'm not going to tell you that it performs as well as a large condenser because that would be a lie, but for the engineer that only has a couple hundred dollars to spend on a good condenser, and needs it to be versatile? Well, if you've got your mic control skills, a windscreen, and a pop-filter the AT-4041 may surprise you.
The AT-4041 also really shines on acc. gtr. Have you got an old, rusty stringed, dilapitated old archtop or some other similarly ancient and dusty old instrument? Put the AT-4041 right up close to that guy, apply a healthy dose of high shelf, and listen to that remarkable vintage sound. The AT-4041 packs enough warmth to pull these odd vintage sounds off without much trouble at all.
There are tons of other "pencil condensers" out there, and many of them are admittedly better. However, for the price and the quality the AT-4041 is an excellent choice.