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moosers 06/23/2010

Audio-Technica AT825 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Audio-Technica AT825 is a stereo condenser microphone designed for use in recording studios, although I can see how this would work well for recording a live show as well. Since I've only used the AT825 for recording in the studio, this application will be my focus for this review. The mic is designed for picking up sound in one direction, although both of the capsules in the AT825 have cardioid polar pick up patterns. The range of frequencies that this microphone will pick up is from 30 Hz to 20 kHz, so you're pretty much getting the full range of human hearing here. The mic does have a roll off switch and requires either a 1.5 v battery or power supply.


Having used the Audio-Technica AT825 on a few different sessions for getting room and ambient sounds, I can definitely say that it's a great sounding microphone. Rather than using this as my main room microphones, I'll use it in addition to farther placed room microphones, setting up the AT825 closer to the action. I've found that it's perfect for this, although it would most likely work well as your only room microphones as well, I just like to get extra depth and space to get different vantage points in sound. This is definitely a unique style of microphone, and although it might not be necessary for a home studio, it's still nice to have and especially helpful in a professional studio with a larger room. The price is more than reasonable as this is just about as cheap as you'll find a stereo condenser microphone out there that sounds this good. I highly recommend looking into the AT825 if you're interested in picking up a stereo microphone that gives you a ton of value for your dollar regardless of if you're a professional or home studio owner.