AKG C 451 C
AKG C 451 C

C 451 C, Small diaphragm condenser microphone from AKG in the C 451 series.

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AlanForPresident 08/01/2012

AKG C 451 C : AlanForPresident のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Classic Microphone that has been since the 90's"

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I used the AKG C 451 back in 2005 in to 2006. This microphone is no longer being made, it actually got discontinued not long after it was circulated. This microphone came out long before I had my hands on it though. The C 451 is some what affordable depending on what your budget is, but this could be one of the best all around microphones that was out. You could use the C 451 on almost any instrument in live or in a recording setting and get a very natural sound. I was very upset that it was discontinued, because I purchased mine used in 2006 and in early 2006 it got damaged and was never the same again. Or maybe it was damaged to a certain extent before I purchased it, because I only dropped it a few times while moving gear around and it made this horrible hissing noise and it would “pop” (like it had a short or something). I tried to see if it could get fixed but had no luck and AKG wasn’t much help with trying to fix it. I even purchase another AKG microphone back in 2006 thinking that it would be similar to this one because it had similar specs, but it was not as good.


The best thing about the AKG C 451 is that the sound is very good, and its very good no matter what instrument you are using or what your pitch range is as a vocalist. This microphone was very versatile and the tone was second to none. I have not really liked many other AKG microphones that have came out over the last 10 years, I wish they would remake this microphone. I have used the C451 and the C451E, that was back in the 90’s, they are both very similar. That was the reason that I went back and found this microphone in 2005.