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moosers 02/11/2009

AKG C 430 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The AKG C 430 is a small diaphragm condenser microphone that can be used for both recording and on the stage. I had only used this in the recording studio. Its small design makes it good for drum overheads and for capturing the high end in just about any setting. These are some of the smallest microphones I have seen, which can come in really handy when placing them as you can get it exactly where you want to put it.


These microphones were the first set of small diaphragm condensers that I bought for my project home studio. I got them about six or seven years ago and have seen upgraded to another pair of small diaphragm mics. I bought them to use when recording drums, to use as overheads mostly. I have also used them for acoustic guitars and hi hats. The main reason I bought these mics was because I was looking for a cheap set to get started with, and they did more than a good job for me. They are well built are have a really nice sound for such a cheap set of microphones. Since I bought these I have upgraded to a pair of Rode NT5s, which are a bit more expensive and more crisp sounding than these in my opinion. That being said, they are about double the price. You can also compare these to Neumann KM184 because they are similar mics in theory. Obviously the KM184s can't be touched by the C 430s, but they are priced exponentially higher and are made for a different audience. I would definitley recommend looking into these mics for those who are on a budget and want a cheap pair of small diaphragm condensers that will give you more bang for your buck than you think.