Gibson SG Supreme - Emerald Burst
Gibson SG Supreme - Emerald Burst

SG Supreme - Emerald Burst, SG モデル from Gibson belonging to the SG Supreme model.

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tjon901 07/12/2011

Gibson SG Supreme - Emerald Burst : tjon901 のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"A step above the SG Custom"

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FOr a few years Gibson put out this guitar the SG Supreme. The Supreme is a step above the quality of an SG Custom. The quality on the custom is great but its design is based on the 61 Les Paul Custom and to be true to that design meant that it cant really have all the coolest and newest feature Gibson can offer on their guitars. The top is a AA piece of flamed maple on a mahogany body. The neck is mahogany with a set in neck construction. The fretboard is ebony and features 24 frets with the rare Gibson split diamond inlays. The headstock is the Les Paul Custom headstock with the big diamond inlay. The tuners are standard Grover tuners and the bridge is the standard Gibson Tune-o-matic setup. The pickups are a set of Gibsons Classic 57s. The controls are standard Gibson fare with a set of volume and tone controls per pickup with a 3 way toggle switch.


This is the easier playing of the two Gibson Supreme guitars I demoed. This guitar is basically a 61 Les Paul Custom with two pickups which is a guitar I wish they made. It has the super fast 60s profile neck while the Les Paul Supreme has the fatter neck. This fast neck and the flat ebony fretboard make it very easy to play on all 24 frets, the deep SG cutaways also help with this too. Unlike the Les Paul Supreme this guitar actually has a control cavity plate so you can change the electronics if you wish. I wish Gibson would enter the 21st Century and start putting locking tuners on their guitars along with locking bridges if they are going to keep using tune-o-matics. When you take all the strings off a guitar with a regular tune-o-matic the bridge can fall off and it is not hard for this to ruin your intonation. There are no strap locks or anything just the tiny Gibson strap pegs. Every guitar should be coming with strap locks now its not hard they put them on some Epiphones. There are 600 dollar ESP LTD guitars that have all these features why cant Gibson put them on a guitar that costs 4 times as much. Tradition is just an excuse not to update.


With the Classic 57 pickups I felt this guitar sounded better than the Les Paul Supreme also. Classic 57 pickups are Gibsons modern version of the classic PAF pickup. These pickups are in the guitars people think of when they think classic Gibson tone. The neck position has that sweet sound that a PAF produces. It is nice and smooth but a good amount of sag. You can really get a bluesly or jazzy tone out of the neck position on this guitar. The bridge position is slightly hotter but not by much. You can rock out some nice lose classic rock riffs on this and throw some gain on it and it will handle it. This with an old Marshall or Fender Deluxe is heaven. If you want to play heavier music you can change the pickups and the swap is like any other SG. Unlike the Les Paul Supreme this guitar has a control cavity plate so you can easily get at all the electronics for a swap if you do not like the Classic 57s.


This guitar overall is a lot better guitar than the Les Paul Supreme and of course it is the one that Gibson Discontinued first. Maybe the Les Paul Supreme is discontinued also just no one has purchased the rest of them. I would not be surprised. This guitar has all the playability you can want is a classy suit. You get all the extra upper fret access that a 24 fret design offers with the slim 60s neck that everyone loves. You get the AA top but do no lose your control cavity plate in the process so you can swap out your electronics if you want. This Supreme model had function and form.