Gibson SG Standard Limited - Natural Burst
Gibson SG Standard Limited - Natural Burst

SG Standard Limited - Natural Burst, SG モデル from Gibson belonging to the SG Standard Limited model.

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iamqman 09/13/2011

Gibson SG Standard Limited - Natural Burst : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Cool vintage"

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The Gibson SG is a fantastic sounding and also looking guitar. It isn't very iconic and easily recognizable guitar due to its double horn body shape with its double cut out of the body. It takes a lot of influence from the Gibson Les Paul guitar and when its first inception and manufacturing it used to have the Les Paul name attached to the guitar. Well the real man Les Paul didn't like this guitar very much so he wanted his name removed from these guitars. These guitars are very easily associated with many hard rock guitar ask such as AC DC and peter Townsend. They have a great sound very unique to themselves but also taking some influence from the Gibson Les Paul. Devastator body overall and they have a longer scale length. What is great about these guitars or Ruby Gibson Les Paul is there very easy approach to reaching D higher frets. You're able to solo and reach the higher fret studios cut out of the body and a thinner body whereas it would be very difficult to reach the higher frets any Gibson Les Paul guitar.

This guitar as a great town in overalls very easy to use. The fretboard is little different than the Gibson Les Paul as it seems a little bit wider and its overall feel but the scale length has probably the most attribution to you that overall feeling of the guitar.

The guitar itself has a mahogany body and mahogany neck with the Rosewood fretboard. You have to humbuckers installed with a normal volume for each pick up and tone not preach pick up.


Gibson SG Standard Specifications


* Species: Solid Mahogany
* Style: SG
* Cutaway: Double


* Species: Mahogany
* Profile: SG Rounded
* Peghead Pitch: 17 degrees
* Nut Width: 1.695 inch
* Neck Joint: Set-Neck Construction
* Neck Joint Location: 19
* Head Inlay: Holly with The Gibson Logo


* Species: Rosewood
* Scale Length: 24-3/4 inches
* Number of Frets: 22
* Inlays: Trapezoid
* Binding: Single-ply


* Plating Finish: Chrome
* Tailpiece: Stopbar
* Bridge: Tune-o-matic
* Knobs: Black Top Hat with silver insert
* Tuners: Green Key
* Strap Buttons: Butt


* Neck Pickup: 490R Alnico magnet humbucker
* Bridge Pickup: 498T Alnico magnet humbucker
* Controls: Two volume, two tone, three-way switch


I love the guitar sound in a hard rock environment. So when you put it in front of a good high gain amplifier such as a marshall amplifier or a Mesa boogie amplifier to you can get a really good solid hard rock tone. The tone itself or voicing itself is a little thinner than the Gibson Les Paul but it seems to be a little bit more focused tone my opinion. When I say focused I mean Morris the attack overall just feels a little bit more present in your face my ears. Where the look Gibson Les Paul has an more warmer tone overall I think the Gibson SG has a more thinner tone because of its thinner body and laundromat seems to have a little bit more mid range frequencies in the overall voicing of the guitar.

These guitar sound really good and probably even better than to get some Les Paul in a clean amp setting. Because it has a center tone it lends itself to play clean music a lot easier. I really like recording with this guitar and playing any gig with this guitar. It's a great for any digging musician. It's a very versatile guitar and complain just about any genre of music.


I highly recommend this guitar and anyone is looking for a good rocking digging and recording guitar. It's extremely versatile as a great feeling and great tone overall. They are a players guitar and not a boutique or showroom guitar. This is a guitar meant to be rocked out and played and abused hard. You can find these on the classifieds or the forum classifieds pretty easily. I've seen them as low as $1100 for this guitar so which is a great price for this particular guitar. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great digging recording guitar. It has a good overall tone and the versatility is exceptional.