Gibson 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 - Antique Ebony
Gibson 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 - Antique Ebony

50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 - Antique Ebony, SG モデル from Gibson in the SG series.

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iamqman 08/19/2011

Gibson 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 - Antique Ebony : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Unlike no other"

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The Gibson SG like it's big brother to Gibson Les Paul is a rock 'n roll tone machine this is such a great guitar when trying to dial in some good heavy rock 'n roll guitar tones. It has a unique tone that is similar to the Gibson Les Paul but its own driving force. It has a little bit thinner but focused tone that is very unique to this body shape.

It features to carved out heels for the body which almost look like devil horns. You have two volume control knobs and two-tone control knobs. You have to humbuckers and your normal six string tuners.


Gibson 50th Anniversary SG Standard 24 Features

Solid Mahogany body with Antique Ebony finish
Gold 50th Anniversary logo silkscreen on headstock
Comfortable SG rounded neck profile
24 fret rosewood fingerboard
Two Gibson '57 Classic pickups
Vintage-style tuners with pearloid tulip buttons and efficient 14:1 gear ratio


The tone of this guitar is one absolute phenomenal tone. It is a tone that is a little bit thinner in robust then the Gibson Les Paul but still has a good warm sick mahogany tone. The body in the woods are mahogany woods with a Rosewood fretboard. It has a cool looking block pearl in late in the frets which set the beauty of this guitar off.

These guitars are absolute rock machines on the pair with a good high gain amplifier such as Marshall amplifier or Mesa boogie or something of that nature. They are able to get in real tight with a good distortion tone with these humbuckers and they feel invoicing and the guitar just matched hard rock 'n roll perfectly.


At new these guitars coming right around $1300 which is a great price for this good solid built rock 'n roll guitar. These guitars, you will spend hours playing and gigging night tonight and also in recording sessions. This is the go to guitar for me in recording sessions over the Gibson Les Paul's which are actually my favorite guitar. I highly recommend this guitar anyone who needs a good solid players guitar and nice showroom piece exotic looking guitar.