Roland MV-8000
Roland MV-8000

MV-8000, ソフトウェア・シーケンサー from Roland in the MV series.

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FP User 11/01/2008

Roland MV-8000 : FP User のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The features are top notch, I really dig the auto chop function it really speeds up the production work.the MV8 has built in efx,internal sounds,cd burner, hard disk recorder and more. it's a beast!! the pads can be a little stiff, but I use my m-audio 88 and the feel is tighter.

1995.00 usd


I had a learning curve of about a week, I purchased the dvd and it helped big time. but overall picking up the MV wasn't bad at all. if you've used an mpc you can learn an mv.

mine stays at home, but the feel is rock solid and it's an impressive looking machine.


I'm feelin the sound of the MV8, to me it has a warm quality about it with a really thick lowend sound. the patches that come with it are of high quality. I've always been a fan of Roland sounds.


The luv factor is high, for 1 I was looking to change my setup anyway. I don't like the idea of useing a certain piece cuz this or that guy does.and I still like hardware over soft samplers. the mv filled the void nicely by haveing software features.

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Posted by: K-Diesel (January 2-, 2005)