Zvex Ringtone
Zvex Ringtone

Ringtone, Ring modulator pedal from Zvex.

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iamqman 07/07/2011

Zvex Ringtone : iamqman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Fun...not needed"

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I am a big fan of the Zvex products line of guitars pedals. They have built very high quality guitar pedals that just sound incredible! I have owned several pedal from this company and all of them have sounded simply amazing.

This pedal is a pitch or ring modulation pedal with essentially is a synth type pedal that gives you guitar a synth type effects that is cool for certain parts of songs or during solos and things or that sort. They are not used in high frequency because they are very wacky and crazy sounding and don't exactly mesh for long periods of time in and music style.



Hand-painted artwork
Sequence/random/step switch, 8 individual carrier pitch adjustment knobs, step control stomp switch, true-bypass stomp switch
Powered by 9V battery


These pedals absolutely sound amazing! The tone from these pedals are simply addictive to play with. Almost to addictive in some instances because I can see myself playing around with the sequencers more than actually playing the guitar. These pedals can be a bit of fun and sometimes if you aren't careful pull you away from working on being competent or efficient at the guitar and wasting time dinking around with effects.

This pedal has 8 ways of synth operation or 8 different voicings or waves lengths. Each position changes how the synth reacts in its wave pattern which will give you a whole new style of ring modulation.


At new these pedal come in at around $400.....ouch...that is expensive. That is the one problem with the Zvex pedals in my opinion. They have great sounding units but they are very expensive in price. You must have to really like the sound of a ring modulator in order to slap down $400 to get this pedal. You can buy a TC Electronics rack effects processor like a G Major and get a modulation in it with an assortment of different effects for the exact same price as this pedal.

While this pedal does sound fantastic it is not worth price of admission. I can understand the quality that goes into this pedal but it is a hard buy for someone to get for one effect, even though you have some versatility.