Zildjian K Custom Ride 18"
Zildjian K Custom Ride 18"

K Custom Ride 18", ライドシンバル from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

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sanjuro 11/30/2009

Zildjian K Custom Ride 18" : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I am a very harsh critic of cymbals, and this one passes all the tests.  Among the greatest rides I have ever heard, I envy those who get to play this full time.  I was fortunate enough to have a friend who owns one, and I hop on the kit whenever I get a chance.  Whenever I start to sway in favor of Sabian or Paiste Cymbals, Zildjian goes ahead and produces a cymbal like this to drag me back.  It is versatile, attractive, and it sings with beauty.  Unlike many K's, this cymbal isn't overly dry and has a richly coated exterior.

The most striking feature of this cymbal is its ping.  It cuts through music very well without sacrificing its delicate nature.  It is slightly wetter than many k's, but it retains a dark tone.  The bell is very loud and large, sounding as good as a bell ever has.  When played quickly, each stroke is atriculated because of a fast attack and decay.  One thing to note:  when playing with nylon tipped sticks, it rings a lot more and doesn't sound nearly as good.  I usually only use wooden sticks anyways, so this isn't an issue.  I can picture this cymbal in almost any genre of music, except for the heaviest stuff.  Because this cymbal is unlathed, it has a much more unique character.  I would test out every model before buying it, as each cymbal may sound different. 

The Zildjian K Custom Ride is about as expensive as any other professional cymbal.  Unlike many other, it is well worth the price.  I talk about this ride more than almost every other as it is such a great piece of art.  If you are looking for a versatile cymbal that is great in all situations and is bound to impress everyone, this is where to stop looking.  This gets a perfect rating.