Sabian AA Rock Ride 22
Sabian AA Rock Ride 22"

AA Rock Ride 22", ライドシンバル from Sabian in the AA series.

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moosers 02/08/2011

Sabian AA Rock Ride 22" : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Sabian AA Rock Ride 22" is a ride cymbal that's to be used with your full drum kit. The name gives away a good amount here, as this cymbal is definitely best suited for rock drummers since it's got a good amount of crash happening. I'm not primarily a drummer, but recently did a recording session where the drummer was using this cymbal and was really impressed with it's overall sound. I don't know what the cymbal is made from exactly, but it's definitely high quality. All cymbals are different a little bit, so it's probably worth it to check out the one that you're buying if possible. This cymbal comes in a few other sizes other than the 22" cymbal, but this one is as good a size as any, it just depends on what sound you're trying to achieve with it. The session I was working on was for a pretty well known hard rock act and the drummer had a huge drum set that included this cymbal. He had a ton of other cymbals as well, but this was the main ride cymbal that he was using and it really sounded great. It's a really dark and heavy sounding ride cymbal in my opinion, which was great for the style of music being played, but probably not ideal in too many other situations. For this reason I'd strictly recommend this cymbal for those who are playing rock and hitting their ride rather hard. If you're looking for something that can play well on both sides of the spectrum, I'd consider something else that's a bit more versatile. It's expensive as there aren't many cymbals that will be priced too much higher, but for a professional who is after a heavy ride cymbal, it doesn't get much better sounding.