Paiste Signature Dark Crash/Ride 20''
Paiste Signature Dark Crash/Ride 20''

Signature Dark Crash/Ride 20'', ライドシンバル from Paiste in the Signature series.

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sanjuro 10/08/2009

Paiste Signature Dark Crash/Ride 20'' : sanjuro のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Paiste Signature Dark Crash Ride is a very cool and useful cymbal.  Few crash rides can cut it amongst high end cymbals, because usually rides are better at riding and crashes are better at crashing.  Crash rides are the awkward fusion of the two and quality models are hard to find.  That being said, when a decent crash ride is available, it is definitely one of my favorite tools on the kit.  I usually opt to crash a ride, not a crash ride, but this Paiste Sig. delivers big time.

Like all cymbals in this line, the 20'' crash ride sounds great.  It is darker than the power crashes and is more mellow.  It has a rather wet sound to it, unlike many other dark crash rides.  Its large size makes it more powerful and versatile.  I get the best sounds when riding relatively close to the bell, and I love to crash it with the side of the stick parallel to the cymbal surface as this produces a unique slap.  It doesn't sound nearly as boomy or gong like as when I crash my normal ride cymbals, which is good. I can use it in more places this way.  This can only be compared to other paistes because they all sound so unique.  An added benefit of this type of cymbal is that they sound a lot more consistant thatn other hand hammered cymbal lines because of the technology used to produce them.  If you break it, and get another under warranty, you will get the same sound as your old one. 

This cymbal is very expensive, and this is the main reason why i only suggest it if you need a really great crash ride.  I love this cymbal, but might instead suggest the sabian raw ride for an interesting crash ride cymbal only because it is a lot cheaper.  Of course, the raw ride isn't mean to be a crash ride, I just use it like that and it sounds good to me.  Overall, This is an excellent cymbal if you can afford it.