Stellar RM3
Stellar RM3

RM3, リボンマイク from Stellar.

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moosers 09/02/2011

Stellar RM3 : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Stellar RM3 is a Chinese made ribbon microphone, that is put out by a few different companies. The RM3 is the only version of the mic that I've used, but I know Nady also puts out the same mic. It's basically a cheap Royer clone for use inside the studio. I don't have much info on the specs of the RM3 since I sold mine a few years ago, but it did come with a velvet pouch, a wood carrying case, and a shock mount, which I'm sure is what all versions of this mic come with.


The Stellar RM3 is a pretty decent sounding ribbon microphone for the price. Like most ribbon mics, it has a very low output, but this one seems to have a lower output than most. I owned the RM3 for a few years but decided to sell it off a few years ago when I moved to LA. It's a cool sounding mic but I just didn't use it all that much. Of course it's not going to sound like a real Royer, but definitely has the ribbon sound and I did get some pretty cool sounds out of it when I had it. I've used it on vocals, trumpet, and acoustic guitar, and found that it was coolest on vocals for getting a gritty, vibey sort of sound, but it's not the best when it comes to sonic clarity. Of course it's cool that it looks like a Royer, but the biggest mistake you can make with this is assuming that it sounds anything like the real thing. For the price you aren't going to find too many better ribbon mics, as the Stellar RM3 is dirt cheap. I'd scope it out if you're looking for a very cheap Royer style ribbon mic for your home studio.