K10, パワード PA スピーカーキャビネット from QSC in the K Series series.

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JimboSpins 01/22/2013

QSC K10 : JimboSpins のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Loving the sound, buy it"

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The QSC K10 have been a part of my gear since August of last year and I have used them on a large number of different artist, bands, and DJ’s. I have not had a single complaint with them yet and even when I use them with my band we all love the sound we get with them. I love what they do for vocals though; they can really pump out a natural sound. This speaker does have a high pass filter which is what will be used when you have it hooked up with woofers. But when that is being used, it could take some time to get use to the sound because it will change the dynamics of your overall sound.
The speakers are pretty light, they weight about 30 pounds but they are tall so it could cause some problems with transporting it depending on what kind of car you have. It never really was an issue with us because we use a van with double back doors to take all of the gear out of.
The frequency range is 56Hz to 20 kHz and I really feel that with a subwoofer this speaker is perfect. It just takes some time to get use to the sound as a performer because it sounds completely different with a high pass on and a sub hooked in with it. The LF driver size is only 10 inches and the HF driver size is 1.75. The highs sound really good and they are clean. With vocals you will feel like you are listening to a 3000 dollar speaker! I have not heard any acoustic guitars with these yet. That is something that I am really excited about and cannot wait to test them out. There are also inputs XLR and TRS on this speaker with 2 XLR direct lines out. This 500W class D speaker has the sound that any performer needs!