Danelectro N-10 HoneyTone
Danelectro N-10 HoneyTone

N-10 HoneyTone, ポータブルギターアンプ from Danelectro.

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themaddog 10/21/2011

Danelectro N-10 HoneyTone : themaddog のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Not a bad practice amp"

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This is a tiny 10 watt battery powered, solid state amplifier with a two inch speaker. It has a volume control, tone control, and gain control. For input there is a 1/4" standard guitar jack and there is also a headphone out which will disengage the speaker. For a battery a 9 volt is used, but there it can use a pretty standard power supply. There is also a belt clip, should you feel the need to attach it to your pants to take your rocking to the streets.


This thing isn't loud enough to start bringing down the walls, but for a personal sized practice amp the tone is pretty good. There is a decent amount of crunch that can be achieved with the gain up all the way, but don't expect tone shattering sustain for days. A guitar pedal could be put in between the guitar and the amplifier, but that would defeat the purpose of its portability for most situations.


This amp was not designed for excellent tone. I wouldn't use it for recording, unless I wanted transistor radio type guitar tone, but I think I'd rather stick with my Mesa Boogie for the time being. Still, to show off in front of your friends, or to hide an amplifier away in a classroom (as I have) it serves its purpose.


This little amp has lasted longer than the Marshall micro amp that I had for a short time before it stopped functioning. Who knew that Danelectro quality would outlast Marshall? If this thing croaked, I'd replace it only if I thought I needed another portable practice amp. It's cheap and has been reliable so far. The only feature I wish it had would be a 1/8" input to hook up a CD or MP3 player to play in combination with the guitar.