Digidesign Lo-Fi
Digidesign Lo-Fi

Lo-Fi, ローファイ from Digidesign.

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mooseherman 01/12/2011

Digidesign Lo-Fi : mooseherman のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Free Pro Tools plug-in that rocks!"

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This is a plug-in that will run on any version of Pro Tools. It comes installed with the software itself so there is no reason to purchase it outside of Pro Tools, unless of course you are using a different DAW. As it came pre-installed with the Pro Tools version of LE that I bought, I haven't had any compatibility issues other than the ones that might have arisen when I installed Pro Tools, but since I resolved those quickly I was good to go. There was no need for a manual as this plug-in was pretty easy to use.


This is a plug-in that has a lot of cool features. It's great for giving whatever track you are using the illusion of having really nasty distortion, or perhaps a bunch of noise or saturation. It's really good for experimental mixing and vocals, stuff that sounds nasty and distorted for aesthetic effect. It's got a way of dropping sample rate too, which is cool if you want to slow the whole thing down. I haven't ever had it bog down on me, it's really just an efficient plug-in.


I really like throwing this effect onto things that I think are recorded too clean for the mix. Basically it'll dirty up anything it goes on. It's definitely something that needs to be used sparingly, as you won't hear anything at all if you use it on every track. But it is kind of a cool way to make a vocal sound more interesting or blend into a different kind of mix. If you need it to sound like a telephone, a radio, a television set, or somehow just make it sound dirtier, this is usually a good bet. And since it's free with Pro Tools it's obviously worth the price. Highly recommended.