Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box
Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box

RS 127 Box, プラグインフィルター from Abbey Road Plug-ins.

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moosers 10/15/2010

Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box is a simple filter plug-in that is part of Abbey Road's Brilliance Pack of plug-ins. Also included in the bundle is the RS 127 Rack and the RS 135 filters. I don't own this bundle, but the studio that I work at does and I've used this and the other plug-ins in the bundle a decent amount for not having owned it. I just love how simple they are! Since I don't own this, I wasn't involved with installing it. Without exaggerating, the RS 127 Box is the simplest plug-in in the world, with the others in the bundle being equally as easy to use. All this plug-in has is a large knob for setting the boost or cut level, and a three way frequency switch that allows you to choose between frequencies of either 2.7 kHz, 3.5 kHz, and 10 kHz, not unlike the frequencies you'd find on many consoles. I've never needed to look at a manual for this, nor do I ever anticipate needing to.


We're running the Abbey Road Plug-ins RS 127 Box and the full bundle at the studio that I work at on a few different systems, as we've got a bunch of different rooms. All of them are Pro Tools HD based, and I can't say that I've ever encountered a problem running any plug-ins at all, let alone one like this that clearly takes up a small amount of processing power. It's hard to say how well any given plug-in will run on any given system, but this one should be as safe as any since it's got such a simple make up.


Abbey Road Plug-ins' RS 127 Box plug-in has become one of my go to plug-ins when I'm looking to add a little bit of color and/or brightness to a track. It's so easy to use that it makes it quick and easy to give your tone a little high mid/high end boost. I love using it on electric guitar especially as it can really help a guitar track to cut through a mix. It's also useful on vocals, drums, and on anything where you might want an increase in the high mid - high end presence. The other plug-ins in this bundle are similarity useful, so the Abbey Road Brilliance Pack is definitely one I'd encourage you to check out as a whole if you like this plug-in, as it's the only way you'd be able to get it. The RS 127 Box plug-in is one the simplest and most useful that I've been using a lot recently...