db Audioware dB-T Tempo Delay [Freeware]
db Audioware dB-T Tempo Delay [Freeware]

dB-T Tempo Delay [Freeware], ディレイ/エコー from db Audioware.

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moosers 05/14/2010

db Audioware dB-T Tempo Delay [Freeware] : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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DB Audioware's DB-T Tempo Delay is a plug-in that has been around for quite some time, at least for a plug-in. It is available as a free download, or at least it was when I had it a number of years ago. I either had it as a VST or a Direct X plug-in - to be honest I don't remember which it was since it was a while ago. I was running this in Cubase SX, but now that I'm running Pro Tools I don't have this plug-in anymore. As far as the interface, it's actually pretty in depth for a free plug-in. Each channel (if you're using it as a stereo plug-in) has sliders for delay, feedback, and level, as well as knobs for high and low pass filters and panning. It then has general parameters for BPM, units (meter), and wet/dry (mix). I don't think that a manual is necessary for this plug-in, nor do I think that you'd have an easy time finding one.


When I was running the DB Audioware DB-T Tempo Delay plug-in, it was in Cubase SX 2.0 on a Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv8000 lap top with a 3.0 Ghz processor and 2 GB of RAM. I ran everything through a MOTU 896 HD audio interface. I don't remember ever having a problem running this plug-in, as it doesn't take up too much processing power. Being that it is free, I'd recommend trying it out for yourself to see how well it will run on your own system.


While it's hard to say bad things about a free plug-in, the DB Audioware DB-T Tempo Delay isn't really out of date at this point. It's got to be one of the earliest free plug-ins out there, so while it was good for the time, plug-in quality has come a long way. If you have a system where you're running VST and/or Direct X plug-ins, I'd still recommend downloading it for yourself to decide.