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Adyssey Beats 06/26/2012

Waves Sound Shifter : Adyssey Beats のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Variable but Pro Tools Exclusive..."

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There were no installation or compatibility issues getting Waves' Sound Shifter set up. Although I have never used the manual as I have not experienced the full version of this plugin (only available for Pro Tools users) and felt the necessity to look something up, I can imagine it would be very informative and clear as with the other Waves plug-ins. The set-up of my version is very simple - tonal shifts in semi-tones and cents as well as transposition options in intervals. All of these can be automated in your DAW as well to give a vast range of desired pitch shifting effects. In addition there are various other parameters and modes to keep you busy.


Running on my MacBook Pro with an 2.7Ghz Intel Core i7 processor with 4GBs of RAM Sound Shifter works like a charm. It doesn't take up much CPU usage running along side a sizable array of other VSTs and is reliable and stable. I have found lots of success using this plug-in to automate pitch in my DAW and have been using it solidly for the past three months. At the time being I am satisfied with the capabilities I can draw from this plug-in without it being the full version. I have better VSTs for time manipulation but really have struggled to find good pitch shifters. There is something of great promise in Sound Shifter and I am determined to use this plug-in to it's fullest extent. Luckily one of the production studios at my school runs Pro Tools and has the entire set of Waves plug-ins. Although I haven't had time to check out Sound Shifter in that environment yet, I am excited to try it out when I go back.


Overall, Waves' Sound Shifter is a great pitch/time shifting plug-in that can easily be automated to fit your specific need. Like all of the Waves plug-ins, it is very reliable and unobtrusive. The only pitch shifting tool I used before this was the stock Ableton Frequency Shifter, and I am very happy I upgraded. Yet the fact remains that this plug-in is not available in full form to those of us who do not use Pro Tools. This simple fact has had me keeping a keen eye for better alternatives.