Celemony Melodyne Plug in 2
Celemony Melodyne Plug in 2

Melodyne Plug in 2, ピッチシフター/タイムストレッチャー from Celemony in the Melodyne series.

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AlanForPresident 06/29/2012

Celemony Melodyne Plug in 2 : AlanForPresident のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"a must have if you want to change some pitches"

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I have been using Melodyne for quit some time now and will continue to use it to change the pitch of vocals and instruments. Melodyne has worked perfect for me in a number of different daws but mainly I use it in Logic Pro . This software really allows you to change the pitch and or stretch out something very easy. I have several different softwares that can achieve the same thing that Melodyne 2 can but Melodyne 2 can do them quicker and more precise. After using the first version of Melodyne I didn’t think they could make many more changes to make it better than the first one but when I heard that Melodyne 2 came out I immediately upgraded because I knew that had to make some changes if they came out with a second verion of the software plug in.


Software works great in Logic Pro and I have see it used in a bunch of different daws like reason and pro tools but I mainly used it in logic on my mac book pro and it worked great. I have never had a problem with melodyne 1 or melodyne 2 on my mac book pro. The software plug in is very stable.


Overall, it’s a very stable piece of software and if you are into changing the pitch or fine tuning some pitches it’s a software that you need to have. Between using this and Autotune Evo, those are the only two pitch correction softwares that I will ever need. Any time that im in Logic Pro I always have a melodyne file open and im always tweeking something or changing a pitch. Not so much on vocals in Melodyne though, I use Evo autotune more for vocals and melodyne 2 for instruments. it’s a must have if you want to change pitches.