Antares Audio Technology Auto-Tune Evo
Antares Audio Technology Auto-Tune Evo

Auto-Tune Evo, ピッチシフター/タイムストレッチャー from Antares Audio Technology in the Auto-Tune series.

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picturethis 07/10/2011

Antares Audio Technology Auto-Tune Evo : picturethis のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"so now everyone can be T-pain?"

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Ah Auto-tune, the saviour to our worlds most terrible singers and the single piece of gear that has made singers all around the world...lazier.

Auto-tune runs just like every other vst really, barely ever crashes, simple as anything to install and there are about a ton of helpful vids on how to get the best from it. All options are very visually right in front of the user so its pretty straight forward to use once your used to it.
Of course as always theres a nice and easy to understand manual if you need it.
Auto-tune is straight forward in the way that you can easily just move your originally notes up a touch or completely soar your c1 note up to a f#4 in a matter of seconds (i just hope your not expecting to sound normal...).
of course for all you rappers/hip hop/pop musicians out there you can get that long sought after t-pain robot sound effect simple by drawing straight lines over your graph on the notes you want!
woooohooooo!! to vocal laziness!!!


The software works perfectly as intended, produces that perfect pitch vocal/instrument sound whilst adding its own timbre to vocals which in my opinion when used right can sound amazing!
though when used wrong... disaster is sure to follow in the way of recycled over-autotuned garbage vocals as seen in todays pop culture.
Iv'e used autotune Evo for a long time since it first came out and i am glad i have it.. lets face it, some singers have bad days... months... lives.
And I've dealt with a few.


I cant really say anything bad about auto-tune itself, its a great tool when used right. The price is good i guess and there are tons of other versions out there but in my preference and opinion this is the best/easiest.
if you have no idea what your doing there's an auto mode, if you want certain notes doing certain things... get on over to the graph side of things.
Now i know this review seems as though i hate auto-tune... that is not correct, i absolutely love auto-tune when its used with taste and if the person using iit can actually already sing!
Auto-tune evo is a must have for any budding studio engineer!