Boss BCB-6 Pedal Board
Boss BCB-6 Pedal Board

BCB-6 Pedal Board, ペダルボード/ペダルケース from Boss in the BCB series.

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moosers 08/31/2010

Boss BCB-6 Pedal Board : moosers のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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The Boss BCB-6 Carrying Box is a dual pedal board and pedal case, designed for easy set up and transport of your pedals. Of course the BCB-6 is designed for use with Boss pedals, and there isn't much room to use pedals of other shapes and sizes. The box has six spaces for six standard size Boss pedals, as well as for two smaller sized tuners or whatever else you could fit up there. It also has spaces for running wires to each of the plug-ins for power and all that, so in theory you can just open the box and be good to go on stage. This is definitely the best feature of the BCB-6, as it gives you a good amount of convenience in the fact that you can just set it up at home and be ready to go at your next gig. However, it's kind of a drag that they don't allow space for other sorts of pedals if you wanted them in there. I guess it's fine if you only have Boss pedals or pedals that are the same size, but many people out there don't just have pedals of this size, with myself included. The case is overall pretty sturdy and is fine for carrying the pedals around without fear of them breaking as well. I do also think that the BCB-6 could be a bit cheaper than it is, considering the flaws that it does have. Boss does have a few other pedal cases/boards of this nature that will be more accommodating to other pedals, but again they aren't cheap. If it were me that was looking for a pedal board, this would definitely not be the one for me, but that isn't to say that it isn't fine for what it is, it's just a bit limited in what it can offer. If you've got all Boss pedals, check out the BCB-6, otherwise look elsewhere...