Voodoo Lab Line Mixer
Voodoo Lab Line Mixer

Line Mixer, ペダル/コントローラー from Voodoo Lab.

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LordRiffenstein 04/01/2011

Voodoo Lab Line Mixer : LordRiffenstein のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"Compact, good sounding mixer"

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The VL Line mixer is a 9.5" sized mixer. It is a stereo mixer with 2 mixes so you can run your fx units in parallel, series or a combination. It is powered by 9vAC and comes with a power supply. It's a bulky one which is a bit annoying. The manual that comes with it explains clearly and detailed how to hook everything up. It’s fairly straightforward and if you are considering this unit, you probably are well aware of how it works. I would suggest to buy a separate power supply for it, Voodoo Lab make a couple that should work because the one that comes with the unit is really big and can cause noise in your rack.

I used mine to run 3 different units with it. I had a Roland RSP 550 in Mix one. This one was doing some delays and chorus sounds most of the time. In mix 2 I had a TC M-one for reverb and micro pitch shifting (chorus-like) and a TC D-Two for delays. This worked great and the sound was very nice. It allowed me to have chorus on the delays and verbs but still keep the clarity of the dry tone as you are actually ADDING the fx sounds to the dry tones. I only sold it because I was able to get a Voodoo Lab System Mix Plus which has the same mixer but a load of other useful features.

Voodoo Lab is no longer making these units, which is a pitty. There aren't many options if you want a line mixer for your rack and a 9.5" unit is cool. I don’t think many of these are around so finding one will not be easy but they pop up on Ebay on occasion so keep an eye out if you are in the market for one.