Line 6 Floor Board
Line 6 Floor Board
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Steve_Boudreaux 08/02/2011

Line 6 Floor Board : Steve_Boudreaux のユーザーレビュー (content in English)

"If You Have Older Line 6 Gear, GRAB One Of These While You Can Get Them For $50"

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This is about all the controller you should ever need for any piece of Line 6 gear that uses the older operating system. Built like the proverbial tank, this board will allow you to access features of Line 6 gear that you might not be able to access at all, otherwise.

Line 6 is currently blowing these out, direct, for a paltry $50 (street price was $299, in their hey-day.) Shipping to me only added another $5- at those prices, and given the utility and build quality of this thing, it is almost a no-brainer- if you can use it with your L6 gear, just GET one.

Be advised- it will only work with some gear- Line 6's website says "This floorboard is only compatible with Flextone® I and II, POD®, POD® Pro, Bass POD®, Bass POD® Pro, original POD® 2.0 (jack labeled "Pedal"), Spider® I (112, 210, 212), Ax2®, Axsys®." I bought it to use with the Line 6 Spider 212 amp I recently acquired. Frankly, it makes playing the amp much easier and enjoyable.

First impressions:
My God, this thing is HUGE! About 2 full feet long, by about 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall. It fairly dwarfts my old standby Digitech RP-7. Well-built, too- all metal cabinet, solid, no-nonsense push-button foot switches, and well-mounted expression pedals (volume and wah)- this think looks BEEFY. I have my doubts the R52 cable will live nearly as long as the board, but it's a standard cable connection- you can get a replacement at any computer store. The cable that ships with it is LOOONNNNGGGG- around 20 feet- for home use, I rustled up a 8-foot cable, which works just fine. Mostly-black, matt finish means it will not attract too much attention, if you use it on stage. Switches and pedals are solid and give you some tactile/audible feedback, although I'd prefer a "click!" that I could feel through my shoe. You do get a visual cue that a button has been pressed, and that works- but you gotta be looking at the board. Volume and wah pedals work like you'd expect, with the wah having an on/off switch at the toe-down position, said switch requiring a little extra push to flip it.

The tuner- only accessable via the Floor Board, when using a Spider I or II amp- is very usable- not too jumpy, like the one on my RP-7 is. I do wish it had a green LED that lit up when the string is in tune. Accessing the tuner by holding the tap tempo button down mutes the guitar a little, but IMO not nearly enough- I like to tune silently- or nearly so- when on stage. The lack of full muting on tune does give you a defeat feature, should you want to have no effects whatsoever.

The other buttons give you full access to your amp's, Pod's, or other device's features, and are well-laid out. Manual was fairly well written, and the board is easy to use.

GET ONE while you can.