Boss AB-2 2-way Selector
Boss AB-2 2-way Selector

AB-2 2-way Selector, ペダル/コントローラー from Boss.

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songboy 09/05/2008

Boss AB-2 2-way Selector : songboy のユーザーレビュー (content in English)


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I had a pair of these for three years. What I liked about using these pedals was putting one on each end of my effects chain. That way I could run my acoustic guitar to my acoustic amp or my electric guitar to my electric amp but still use the same effects. All I had to do was click two pedals and I was ready to go. Great asset for live situations. What I didn't like was that they are battery powered only. I don't like the idea of having to rely on batteries only, I don't know what they didn't put a power jack on this. I have a boss tuner pedal and it would have been nice to have powered the AB's with that. I didn't not try other pedals because I couldn't find any in the same price range. There is a german company who makes much nicer version of these, but they are around $300. I think the company was called "Lehle."
These are great for only $35 a piece. I would definitely recommend this to anyone switching between two guitars, two amps, or both like in my case. Yes, if I couldn't afford the nicer versions, I would.